A survey conducted by the American Kennel Club during a two-week period in May 2006 shows owners consider their pets a part of their family. If forced to evacuate their homes to a location where they could not bring their pets, 62% would stay with their animals.

Over half of those responding to the survey said they would like to have an emergency preparedness plan but did not know how to make one. And while most owners have vaccination records and extra food and water on hand for their pets, most do not have these items assembled in a portable pet disaster kit in case of an immediate evacuation. According to the poll the Midwest led the nation with the highest percentage (82%) of those without a disaster kit assembled in case of an evacuation. Nationally most respondents also did not have a listing of hotels that accept pets outside their area's evacuation zone.

Emergency planning can help save the life of our pets. Toward that goal the American Kennel Club has prepared a checklist and suggestions for items to be placed in a portable pet first-aid kit. This checklist is available at the link below entitled "Are You Prepared?".

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with the American Kennel Club, the ASPCA, the AVMA, and HSUS has prepared a pamphlet to assist you in planning for your pet in case of an emergency. It is available by selecting the icon on the right.


Helpful Links

AKC Recommends:
  • Are You Prepared? - Creating an evacuation plan that accounts for your dog

  • Keeping a portable pet disaster kit stocked with food, water, vaccination records, AKC Registration papers and medicines

  • Permanently identify your pet through microchipping or tattoo and enrolling him in a 24 hr recovery service such as AKC/CAR